Pike fishing

Join us on pike fishing in our fishing boat as we troll and cast for pike.

1.500 kr/3.000 kr


Full or half day

Available until 31/10

Upon request

Create a booking in the form below, when you receive a confirmation of the date and time then the booking is binding.

Gathering at Idrefjällens Sport, Idre by.

Before the event

Join us in our fishing boat where we troll and cast for pike.

Pike fishing suits both the family who wants to try something new and the slightly more experienced!

Did you know that the pike grows its entire life and that the oldest reported pike turned 16?

We can also customize packages according to your specific requests, please contact us for quotation.


1.500 kr half day, fixed price, max 4 persons
3.000 kr full day, fixed price, max 4 persons

Price includes:

  • Equipment included
Important to know
  • If you have any questions please contact us at info@idrewildtrack.com
  • Lunch can be purchased at full day
  • Payment is made to the guide on site. Cash or via Swish.