Rent a canoe

Perfect for those who want to go on their own adventures, rent one of our canoes in the Sörälven or get the canoe delivered to where you want to start your adventure.

400:-/canoe & day

Canoe delivery is optional

Rent a canoe

Canoes are available for rent 
during weeks 22 – 39, every day of the week


Rent a canoe

Rent your own canoe in Idre and do your own adventure. With us you can rent a canoe only for the day or for several days if you are going to paddle a longer trip.
Life jackets are always included in the price

Our canoes are located in the calm waters of Hösthån that are part of the Sörälven river. Hösthån is the perfect excursion destination for the day, fine water and cozy bays, good fishing and plenty of wildlife, there is also a wilderness camp that you can easily stop by and make a fire if you, for example. want to barbeque sausages.

Remember to ALWAYS check if there is a fire ban before making a fire.

We also transport the canoes to another start point if you want to paddle somewhere else.

Idre and the surrounding area has many nice waters for longer canoe trips, if you want tips on nice paddle tours please contact us and ask, we know the valleys pearls both for rafting canoe trips and fine fishing spots to stop at!

When you make your booking request do not forget to indicate if it is in Hösthån you want to paddle or somewhere else and what time you wish to start your canoe trip.

How many persons in a canoe?
You can always paddle alone in a canoe, and in our largest canoes you can sit up to four people, two people paddling and two people sitting on the floor of the canoe. No matter how many of you are in a canoe, you always have MAX two paddles.

P.S. You know you can rent a fishing rod by us if you forgot yours at home?


400 kr/canoe and day

Price includes:

  • Canoe, paddles, lifejackets

30:-/km if deliverance to other starting point

Good to bring

Whatever you want to do on your adventure it is always a good idea to have binoculars, seating, clothes for the weather and something to eat and drink if you stay out for a long time.

Important to know
  • We can also deliver the canoes to the desired location for a fee of 30:-/10 km.
  • Payment is made by credit card or swish at the reception of Idre Wildtrack, which is located in deli “Lilla Vildt”, otherwise cash or swish.