Winter hunting

Hunting in Idre

Top tree hunting

With wooden skis, we sneak through the white forest landscape and look out for the treetops for capercaillies and grouse. A fantastic form of hunting.

Friday-Sunday 14/12-31/1

Meals included

Ski equipment included

Top bird hunting

Tree cellar

We hunt for two days for the shady capercaillie and grouse directly from the camp. Perhaps one of the most exciting and difficult to beat of the hunting forms.

Friday-Sunday 25/8-9/12

Meals included

Accommodation in a hunting camp

Rent a cabin


Cabins in fantastic nature


Fishing and hunting right outside the door


Rustic log cabins with wood stove


Access to canoes and boats

Hunting in Idre

We can tailor your hunting experience.

We can tailor your hunting experience to your specific wishes, please contact us for a quote.

+46 70 215 88 31

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