beaver safari

Beaver hunting

Lovely spring evenings by the beaver river. We conduct beaver hunting both morning and evening on well-selected waters.

Around Idre

For both the beginner and the experienced

20/4 - 15/5

Wilderness adventure

Top hunting

With wooden skis, we sneak through the white forest landscape and scan the treetops for capercaillie and grouse.

The woods of Idre

A challenging form of hunting

14/12 - 31/1

Tree cellar


Perhaps one of the most exciting and hard-hitting forms of hunting that Sweden has to offer, stalking capercaillie and grouse in the shade,

The woods of Idre

For the beginner & the experienced

24/8 - 9/12

Rent a cabin


Cabins in fantastic nature


Fishing and hunting right outside the door


Rustic log cabins with wood stove


Access to canoes and boats

Private Groups

We can tailor your wilderness adventure.

Here you don’t have to adapt to someone else, hire your own guide and do what you think is the most fun!

Idre Wildtrack